We are a boutique medical practice focusing on Children, Adolescents and Young Adults for Primary Care and Mental Health Concerns.

Our Services at Stepping Stone Pediatrics

We offer pediatric medical care, and ADHD & Mental Health services

Pediatric Medical House Calls

When your child has a sudden illness, and you're struggling to be productive at work, don't lose half a day taking your child for medical treatment. Wherever you need us, daycare, home, work, school or hotel, we come to you. We are Washington State's only pediatric house call service. We are staffed only by board certified pediatric specialists. We bring the exam room to your door.

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*For safety of our patients, we do not do housecalls for head injuries that included loss of conciousness or fevers in children under the age of 90 days. If your child has either of these conditions call your child's pediatrician or nurse practitioner immediately or call 911 in case of emergency.