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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance do you accept? 

We are contracted with most commercial health plans, including: Premera / Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealth Care, Cigna, Aetna, First Choice, Meritain Health, Kaiser Permanente (PPO), Humana, Molina Marketplace, LifeWise and many others.

We are also proud to expand access to our service for those enrolled in Medicaid managed care plans, such as Apple Health, Molina, UnitedHealth Care, Coordinated Care and Amerigroup. Certain plans require you to assign our office as your primary care provider prior to your first visit with us. Please contact your insurance to check if we are in-network prior to scheduling your appointment. We are unable to call on your behalf. 

We do not accept CHPW, DSHS, and TriCare plans at this time. 

What is your availability for an initial new patient appointment? 

Our online scheduling system provides a real-time availability of our providers. We allocate a certain time slot each day for a new patient appointment.


In most instances, we should be able to schedule you to be seen within 1-2 business days.

Please note that certain providers may not be accepting new patients at a given time. Please contact our office if you have additional questions. 

How often should my child be seen? 

Your child should not only see us for an illness, but also for well child care exams regularly, beginning in infancy.


These routine visits provide the best opportunity for us to observe the progress of your child's physical and mental growth and development; to counsel and teach parents; to detect problems through screening tests; to provide immunizations, and to get to know one another.


Well child visits are strongly recommended as part of preventive pediatric care. These are also a good time for parents to raise questions and concerns about a child's development, behavior, nutrition, safety and overall well-being.

Newborns are typically seen 1–3 days after hospital discharge, and then again at 2 weeks old. Subsequent appointments occur at 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, and 30 months old. We then recommend yearly visits through adolescence. Additional visits may be necessary if any special needs arise. 

Why do I no longer have access to the patient portal?

In accordance with Washington state privacy laws, parents will no longer have full access to Protected Health Information (PHI) belonging to children 13 and older. You may be granted to a limited access, billing-only portal page.

Your portal access will also be disabled when you are no longer under active primary care of Stepping Stone Pediatrics. 


Stepping Stone Pediatrics is committed to ensuring that patient health information is properly protected while allowing the flow of health information needed to provide our patients with exceptional care.

What is your office vaccine policy? 

We accept patients who are fully vaccinated in accordance with the CDC vaccine schedule. In select cases, we also accept patients who are actively working toward a fully-vaccinated status under strict vaccination plan/agreement that is mutually agreeable between your family and our providers.  


We are unable to care for children who are unvaccinated or be unwilling to work toward a fully-vaccinated status. 

Stepping Stone Pediatrics does not provide a Vaccine Exemption form on religious or philosophical grounds. In rare cases, an exemption for clinically corroborated medical reason could be provided based on our provider’s assessment and clinical judgment.

Our full office vaccine policy can be found here.

Can I meet with a provider before my baby is born?



In fact, we strongly encourage parents-to-be to schedule a complimentary meet & greet appointment -- either in person and/or virtually. This is a great way to get acquainted with our office and our clinicians.


During this visit, we will answer any questions that you have about our clinic or your new child, to see if we would be a good fit for your family.

Please contact our office to schedule a newborn meet & greet appointment! 

What should I do if I have a question outside of your business hours? 

During business hours, our providers are busy taking care of our most important clients. As such, they are unable to take calls and we encourage clients to utilize our online portal system to contact us. This portal is checked several times during business hours and messages are responded to by our providers. 

Outside of business hours (evenings and weekends), we continue recommending clients to submit their non-urgent clinical questions via portal messaging system and we will respond to them no later than the following business day. 

Should you have an urgent clinical question that cannot wait until the next business day, you may contact our office and be routed to page/leave a message an on-call provider. Please note that a $25 fee will be assessed for all after-hours phone call, and/or your provider may ask you to attend a telehealth appointment to address all of your questions and concerns. Your on-call provider reserves the right to triage your call and may return your call during the following business hours if the nature of the call is not considered urgent. 

We strongly recommend that you utilize a 24-hour health consulting line, which is usually found on the back of your insurance card. Additionally, our colleagues at EvergreenHealth offers a 24-hour nurse consulting line at (425) 899-3000. Please utilize these services prior to contacting our office. 

My child needs a medication refill. What should I do? 

It depends on what medication your child is taking. 

You should first contact the pharmacy at which the prescription was most recently filled. The pharmacy will then either fill the prescription (if a refill was authorized or remaining), or requests for our authorization for refill.

A follow-up visit in the office or via telehealth may be required.

How do I request my child's record to be transferred to or from Stepping Stone Pediatrics? 

Very easy! 

If you plan on transferring your child's care FROM another office to Stepping Stone Pediatrics, please complete this form. 

If you plan on transferring your child's care from Stepping Stone Pediatrics TO another office, please complete this form.

If you need a copy of a Washington State Certificate Immunization Status, please complete this form. 

Please allow three business days for processing. 

How much medication should I give my child? 

Most medication for children are dosed based on their weight. 

We've put together a medication dosage guide exclusively for the use by our patients.


By clicking the link above, you acknowledge that this guide is exclusively for use of Stepping Stone Pediatrics' clients. You also understand that such guidance is not deemed an adequate substitute of a medical advice, which can only be obtained through an office or telehealth visit, and you understand the risks associated with the use of such medication dosage guide.  

We are a patient of a different clinic, but my child is sick and needs to be seen. Can we come to Stepping Stone Pediatrics?

We welcome new sick clients who plan on establishing long-term primary care with us. 

However, it is to note that we are not an urgent care or a walk-in clinic. If your child has a primary medical home, please contact the office and work with them to schedule an appointment with their primary care provider. 

Your child deserves the best medical care provided by the team that knows your child the best. 

If you plan on transferring your child's care to our office, you will be asked to initiate a patient transfer process. Our office reserves the right to cancel a new sick visit appointment for patients who do not plan on establishing care with us. 

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